April 2, 2024
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Re-imagining HSEQ analytics: BW LNG story

Ilze Lulle

Data Analytics Consultant

Luīze Sila

Marketing & Communications Manager

Effective Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) analytics is critical in maritime and shipping industries to ensure the safety of employees, vessels, and cargo. This case study outlines how Scandic Fusion worked together with BW LNG, a leading developer, owner, and operator of liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping and floating infrastructure solutions, to enhance the company’s HSEQ analytics.

These efforts streamlined BW LNG’s analytics process to significantly enhance data-driven HSEQ insights and decision-making capabilities.

The Power of Dashboard Guidelines

Our collaboration with BW LNG started by creating their reporting guidelines, which enabled us to establish a comprehensive and consistent design plan for their analytics processes.

The Challenge: Fragmented Reporting

As an early adopter of Power BI, BW LNG had been generating it sown HSEQ reports with input from various teams for a long time. As Power BI capabilities were not as advanced then, this resulted in a dispersed overall look and feel for the reports. This included lack of an overall visual identity, to small things like inconsistencies in formatting, filter positioning, and page layouts. Collectively, these added unnecessary friction between users and the data. The lack of uniformity in data generation and input guidelines also made it difficult for users to navigate and interpret the reports effectively.

Solution: A Uniform Approach to Reporting - Guidelines

Establishing reporting guidelines created a consistent visual identity for BW LNG reports and dashboards. By implementing these guidelines, BW LNG was able to generate reports with a new look and feel, ensuring a unified and professional appearance. Subsequently, as work progressed on streamlining the HSEQ analytics, we could appreciate first-hand how having uniform standards improved overall efficiency in creating the new reports.

Benefits of Streamlined Reporting:

  • Clear and professional visual identity in reports and dashboards;
  • Consistent use of colors, filters, and layouts for improved user experience;
  • Enhanced brand image and representation of data;
  • Efficiency when creating new dashboards for future use.
It was gratifying to witness the immediate impact of these guidelines on the dashboard and report creation process. We extensively utilized the guidelines while working on the HSEQ report, and the BW LNG teams embraced them when creating other reports. This experience showcased the role of these guidelines in driving efficient and streamlined reporting practices.
Ilze Lulle, Data Analyst at Scandic Fusion

Re-designing HSEQ Analytics for Deeper Insight

After successfully implementing reporting guidelines, BW LNG realized the need to reestablish their entire HSEQ analytics. They faced challenges due to a fragmented data landscape from various data sets, multiple data models, and too many reports and report pages.

The Challenge: To achieve Uniformity in a Fragmented Data Ecosystem

Before embarking on the HSEQ dashboard improvement journey, we had to step back and ensure a suitable data setup within the data warehouse. The previous approach relied on flat table structures, resulting in a few separate data models and limited ability to analyze related cases. The lack of a unified data model led to difficulty drilling down to specific details and correlating data between different reports. This means there was no single source of truth, and it was rather complex to maintain the existing approach.

In addition to the complex technical setup of the HSEQ analytics, BW LNG had separate dashboard systems to track various performance data sets, making it difficult to analyze  data holistically on a single platform. They had seven main dashboards for data analytics with numerous pages within each, meaning that the users needed to click through different pages to find what they needed.

Solution: A Unified, Strategic KPI Overview and Actionable Insights

Initially, BW LNG prioritized the development of a new HSEQ pipeline. Subsequently, Scandic Fusion created views in the database on top of the new tables, shifting complex transformations and logic from Power BI to the data warehouse layer. By adopting this approach, we achieved a streamlined maintenance process while ensuring that the data had a single point of reference.

Based on this, Scandic Fusion created a new data model that follows star schema principles. It uses dimensions and facts to establish a structured foundation for reporting. This project has also introduced various other practices, like moving the hardcoded attribute enrichment from Power BI to PowerApps and Dataverse.

We developed two dashboards based on the data model we created - HSEQ and Vessel-specific dashboards. For HSEQ analytics, we consolidated five dashboards with multiple pages each into a single interactive dashboard with only eight pages. We redefined and aligned HSEQ KPIs (Injury count, Incident count, Top audit check list items, Overdue report count etc.), created custom interactive visuals, and enabled better data exploration with lead-to-action pages. Additionally, we introduced row-level security to protect sensitive information and created a Vessel-specific dashboard for vessel teams to view their status and rankings among other vessels while maintaining data security and privacy.

Key Benefits

The re-imagined HSEQ analytics provided BW LNG a structured and interactive environment for enhanced user experience, enabling deeper data exploration and improved understanding of their key metrics. There are both business and technical benefits, including:

  • Simplified, strategic overview of critical HSEQ KPIs;
  • Simplicity, interactivity, visual appeal, and more accessible data exploration;
  • Improved user experience for cross navigation and drilling to details;
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities for advanced data users;
  • Single source of truth and simplicity in upkeep and maintenance.
At BW LNG, we are delighted to share our experiences regarding the fruitful collaboration with Scandic Fusion.
Thanks to this robust data model, we've not only accelerated our development timelines but have also seen a substantial reduction in maintenance efforts. The efficiency gains are tangible and have allowed us to allocate resources more effectively, focusing on innovation rather than upkeep.
Our collaboration has set a new standard for what we can achieve in dashboard development. We are tremendously satisfied with the results and are eager to see how this partnership continues to flourish, paving the way for further advancements and streamlined processes.
Maja Manojloska Bashoska, Data Engineer at BW LNG      

Lessons Learned

This project reinforced the importance of adhering to comprehensive reporting guidelines, treating data as an art form, and adapting to the evolving nature of projects for successful outcomes. Throughout the project, we gained valuable insights and lessons that can benefit other companies undertaking similar initiatives:

  • Utilize Reporting Guidelines: Having predefined reporting guidelines ensures consistency and simplifies the report creation process.
  • Data is Art: Using appropriate visualization elements and interactivity, data can be presented visually appealing and easily digestible, enabling deeper data exploration.
  • Projects Require Iterative Improvement: Projects often evolve beyond their initial scope, requiring adaptive approaches and continuous improvement.
  • Having a brave, open-minded business side helps a lot: it was truly a pleasure to work with BW LNG side, so invested into doing the best possible job.

The collaboration between Scandic Fusion and BW LNG significantly improved HSEQ analytics reports. By implementing reporting guidelines and streamlining the data model and the whole HSEQ analytics, BW LNG now benefits from interactive and structured dashboards that enable data exploration and informed decision-making.

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BW LNG creates floating solutions for LNG to support progress toward a low-carbon society.
Maritime, Shipping
Tech Stack:
Power BI, PowerApps, Dataverse
Operating in:
7 countries

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