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Note from our HR:
Here, at Scandic Fusion, what you see is what you get - we truly live our values. And everything we do, we do as a team - be it beating another mile in the most challenging hike, reaching another professional milestone, dancing till the dawn in a fun celebration, or anything else. We’re a team, and I love being part of this team. I believe you would too.


HR manager


Quality and competence at every step of the way

Data is art

We got your back

Why us?

The best team

An intelligent, professional, and super-friendly team that will always have your back – we overcome challenges together, and we celebrate together.

Growth and development

Internal and external meetups, lectures, conferences, and other learning opportunities every month, as well as paid study leave options.


Flexible working hours and hybrid work model – work from our office with healthy snacks and other cool things or from your home with all the equipment ensured.

Active social life

A lot (and we mean it) of fun events and celebrations, challenges and sports activities, plenty of cakes in the office, and jokes in the chat.

Family-friendly setting

Events with families, support in important life moments and celebrations, and, if you have two kids, an additional paid day off.

Other benefits

Premium health insurance (with sports, dental package, and other nice things included), paid phone bill, additional paid time off for various occasions, and more.

Meet our people

They say if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. Well, even after many years at Scandic Fusion, whenever I meet my teammates, I realize I'm still in the right room. I like the most that everyone always gives 100% effort - whether working on a client project or partying at the office.

Sandis DzErve

DWH developer
Call me conservative, but I've been with Scandic Fusion for more than seven years already, and I haven't even once thought about switching jobs. Just the same as years ago, I'm still enjoying that it's never boring - I can work with various technologies, with clients from different industries and countries, and have fun events with the best team ever.


BI Consultant
Scandic Fusion stands out not only with its credibility and high standards but also with its amazing attitude and openness. You can ask anyone anything - there is no hierarchy, bureaucracy, or intrigues. Thus, cooperation is easy, and you can always count on the team. And an additional bonus - everyone has a great sense of humor.


BI Consultant
At Scandic Fusion, you're treated like a friend, not a stranger, even in the very first interview. I think the lack of corporate stiffness was why I knew immediately that I wanted to work here. Only later, I realized how much I enjoy flexibility, opportunity to work with various industries, learn something new, and other benefits here.

agnija zemzare

BI Consultant
It might sound cliché, but at Scandic Fusion, every day really brings something new. Working on cross-industry solutions in the fast-changing IT field gives many opportunities (and a need) to learn and grow continuously. In short, if you like challenges and you wish to improve yourself while having a blast, this is the right place for you.


BI Consultant
When choosing my career path, I was a part of the "I don't know what I want" club - I couldn't decide between art, technology, or mathematics. And what a relief it was to find out I don't have to pick one! Here, at Scandic Fusion all my passions have a place  - my creative and analytical sides can both bloom, complementing each other on very various tasks. For example, turning data into not only functional but also appealing dashboards.


BI Consultant
There are three main things I need to enjoy my job: exciting and challenging duties, a pleasant work environment, and great colleagues. So in 2020, I found a place where all these three things are at the top level - of course, Scandic Fusion. This is where you should come if you want to see how it is to have a leader, not a boss.


DWH developer

Open positions

EPM Consultant

IT Project Manager

Head of Data Science

BI Analyst - BI Consultant

Database/DWH developer

BI Analyst - BI Consultant

Database/DWH developer

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