Intelligent Decisions
for Business

Intelligent Decisions
for Business

          [ We deliver a full range of business data analytics services, from data analytics audits to business intelligence, from data warehouse implementation to artificial intelligence services. Our team of expert data analytics consultants and business intelligence service providers is dedicated to unlocking the potential of your data. ]


Many of the world's leading companies have chosen us as their trusted partners. Our track record, dedication to delivering results, and ability to adapt to each client's unique needs make us the preferred choice for businesses worldwide. We understand the importance of selecting the right partner to drive sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge in today's business environment.

Scandic Fusion consistently delivers the required competency for every initiative, adapting to new ways of work and technology. This provides the flexibility and dynamic resource control.

I recommend Scandic Fusion as an implementation partner for their out-of-the-box thinking, proactiveness, and ability to deliver projects even in challenging situations.

Throughout our collaboration on various projects, Scandic Fusion provided architecture advice, coordinated projects, liaised with business users, and handled the majority of development work.

Setting up a BI solution is a complex process, which incorporates various steps and stages.

Pre-Study of Data Analytics

DWH implementation

DWH & BI audit




Business Intelligence as a tool can serve all kinds of needs in virtually any of existing industries.

Payments & Cards
ERP Analysis
Management accounting
KPI Engine
Customer and Product analysis
Master Data Management
Budgeting & Planning

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