Customer and Product analysis

Business needs much more advanced characteristics besides those of customers and products, in order to identify which customer segments and products are most profitable and which are least profitable


Scandic Fusion offers customer and product portfolio analysis solution.

Data marts

In addition to static characteristics of customers and products, data mart gives advanced characteristics over time:

  • customers lifecycle attributes - new/active/lost/renewed
  • how well customer is packed with product
  • loyalty rating of customer
  • payment discipline of customer
  • profitability segmentation of customer
  • sales transaction categorization as new or recurring
  • sales transaction categorization from product profitability perspective as upgrade/equal/downgrade


Interactive dashboards allow:

  • to focus on new customers and estimate their potential
  • to focus on existing customers and identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • to follow tendencies of leaving customers and initiate retention strategy where applicable
  • to analyze active customers base and promote actions that improve profitability

Relevant areas of analysis

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