KPI Engine

Scandic Fusion offers KPI engine if your company needs metric-based visuals about company performance by various dimensions. This usually aligns if company implements balanced scorecard concept for measuring performance against company goals

data marts

Data mart is based on a concept that all KPIs share similar dimensions (some might not be relevant).

Analytical facts

Analytical facts provide measures for benchmarking actual vs. target or budgeted vs. month ago vs. year ago.

Pre-calculated measures

Measures are pre-calculated for data consistency when data is analyzed by various combinations of dimensions. This way, "as of date" and "average" measures show consistent values.

Data sources

If a customer decides to start with KPI engine as the first BI project, it is important to account for data sources (typically, if KPIs cover most of what company does, then KPI calculations need all of the corresponding source systems that register those actions).

Relevant areas of analysis

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