Scandic Fusion has the necessary expertise and skills to provide a comprehensive BI analytical platform in an industry as challenging as forestry

Areas of analytics

We have the experience of helping our customers in analyzing the full supply chain of a large scale forest management business.

In addition to a full-scale core business analysis and because of the complexity and dynamic nature of conditions affecting timber production, we have also helped our customers to achieve online analytics for manufacturing processes. Such an approach offers possibilities to look at real-time data for harvested and forwarded quantities by timber lengths, diameters, species and products as well as current information on fell statuses and log yard quantities.

Other relevant BI implementation areas include harvester fleet analysis, which gives insights into harvester statuses and their calibration information. Transportation process analysis is used for optimization of logistics processes and timber truck fleet capacity analysis. Sales analytics for a company in forest management industry include data on timber measurement records in timber mills, timber seedling and seed and chips sales performance.

subcontractor management

Another major part of a forestry related business covers subcontractor management. Taking this into account, our analytics platform provides the possibilities of contract follow-up and QA data analysis.

Forest development

The BI foundation developed by us also helps to analyze forest development and infrastructure projects, starting from project planning phase, into execution and up to the final project delivery. This area of operations is especially important when looking at the business from long-term forest management perspective.

Cross-company solutions

To complement the industry specific solution, our clients usually choose to bundle it together with cross-company solutions, the most relevant ones being ERP analysis, utilization of KPI engine, cash flow forecasting and analysis platform as well as tailor-made investment project solutions.

Relevant areas of analysis

Manufacturing processes

  • Harvesting
  • Forwarding
  • Fell analysis
  • Log yard analysis
  • QA
  • Harvester fleet


  • Logistics optimization
  • Timber trailer fleet
  • Consigned inventory tracking


  • Measurement processes
  • Timber
  • Seedlings and seeds
  • Chips

Relevant cross-company solutions

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