Scandic Fusion has experience in providing BI solutions that are tailored for capital intensive manufacturing companies. The BI platform provides an opportunity to have an extensive summary overlook of the whole company performance for management purposes as well as the ability to look at the details and understand how the separate tasks and manufacturing components influence the company’s execution on more operational level.

BI solution

The standard BI solution typically covers the core manufacturing processes (such as supply chain management, warehouse outlook and planning, manufacturing teams performance) as well as support services such as on-time delivery, post-sales services (incl. warranty) and research and development.

Additionally covered needs

It is common practice of Scandic Fusion to additionally cover our clients’ management and financial reporting needs, such as sales and profitability of manufactured products (incl. bundles), performance of sales and marketing activities as well as the most common financial reporting requirements such as profit/loss or management KPI development and analysis.

Performance showcase

One of the biggest cornerstones of a successful BI implementation in this industry is the ability to showcase the overall company performance by using interactive dashboards and easy-to-use reporting tools and not lose the possibilities to drill down into the most detailed everyday tasks and manufacturing components to understand the causalities behind the results. This has been a challenge that Scandic Fusion pays attention to and has tackled well so far.

Relevant areas of analysis

Discrete manufacturing

  • Raw materials purchase
  • Product composition and setup monitoring
  • Components tracking across manufacturing processes
  • Components location tracking (within a warehouse)
  • Advanced supply chain planning

Flow manufacturing

  • Raw materials purchase
  • Operating time management and downtime planning
  • Process control variable reporting

Support services

  • HR (employee competence assessment, allocation of resources)
  • Safety regulations compliance
  • Operations and job completion monitoring


  • Products sales
  • Projects (turnkey solution) sales
  • Services (information) sales

Outbound & inbound logistics

  • On-time delivery management
  • Carrier performance tracking
  • Completion times optimization

Post-sale customer care

  • Warranty contracts
  • Spare parts supply
  • Calibration and repair
  • Product software services


  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Extension of product line

  • Precision management
  • Production optimization

Relevant cross-company solutions

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