Scandic Fusion is experienced in providing all-around BI solutions for companies operating in telecommunications industry

BI implementation

As the telecommunications market is often over-competitive and there is little to no cost for the customers to switch between service providers or network carriers, the companies operating in the field have to pay special attention to the factors that influence customer loyalty (NPS), service quality, satisfaction with troubleshooting as well as pricing and profitability of services.

A typical approach to such a BI implementation also requires the ability to track the company’s financials as well as management KPIs in order to understand the impact on performance both from historical actions and predict the outcomes of future investment projects or marketing campaigns.

Data marts

It is important to ensure a versatile solution that allows to “play around” with the data in an exploratory fashion as it helps in finding tendencies and patterns between e.g. various client and service segments and identifies their strong and weak sides from the company’s perspective. This is something Scandic Fusion provides with universal data marts that cover cross-company business areas and allow the data to be detailed down and summed up to the maximum extent possible. The end result therefore covers the analytical needs of both the executive board as well as the entry-level analysts throughout the company.

Relevant areas of analysis

Services portfolio

  • New services
  • Existing services
  • Installation/removal of services
  • Planned vs. actual service performance
  • Service availability
  • Product bundling
  • Benefit analysis

Client portfolio

  • Loyalty (NPS)
  • Marketing campaign influence on clients

  • Customer segmentation analysis (private/corporate, new/existing, buying/not buying valuable service packages etc.)

customer service

  • Notifications by clients
  • Resolution times
  • Resolution feedback

Customer call center (near real-time)

  • Number of calls by reasons
  • Repeating/new calls
  • Response time
  • Customer feedback

Relevant cross-company solutions

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