A typical wholesale solution is a comprehensive all-rounder. It starts with ERP classics like extensive purchasing, sales, payables and receivables analytics, goes on to shipments, logistics, inventory overview, and can include advanced management accounting (cash costs, stock targets, sales credits and rebates, detailed net profitability). Often the analytics for these areas has to incorporate data from multiple countries and systems.

Data analytics needs

Scandic Fusion has a track record enabling large wholesale companies to meet their diverse data analytics needs, such as:

  • understanding the day-to-day sales, purchase and shipment processes
  • ensuring efficient use of working capital by having readily available creditor and debtor analytics, knowing how much time items spend in warehouses and in transit, managing payment terms with customers and suppliers, using tools like invoice factoring and hedge while being aware of the costs
  • managing relationships with customers and suppliers - dealing with rebates, loyalty programs, credit limits and maximizing the areas of profitable cooperation
  • following through sales planning process - not only the end result of actuals vs forecast comparisons, but also the day-to-day progress towards target fulfillment
  • improving the warehouse operations, both from the inventory management perspective (understanding what inventory is on-hand in which locations, what is in-transit from suppliers and to customers, what is reserved; provision calculations depending on the stock age), and by being transparent and precise about workers compensation calculation depending on the type of activities and jobs performed
  • in the end, supporting advanced cross-area data analytics for management accounting that provides big picture perspective (with an option to get down to the needed level of detail) for the top decision-makers.


Data analytics for a wholesale company can end up being very extensive. Ultimately, we believe that in order to build advanced, but traceable solution that is maintainable in the long term, solid foundations must be laid. To ensure that, Scandic Fusion always works in close cooperation with the business, understands key processes before implementing them, supports and challenges company representatives to make sure we end up doing the right thing for the business.

Relevant areas of analysis

Sales analytics

  • Sales order completion
  • Change orders
  • Sales margins
  • Discount performance
  • VAT declaration (including country/system-specific)
  • Customer-specific pre-calculated pricelists

warehouse management

  • Inventory transactions
  • Stock balances and value
  • Stock aging/provisions/devaluation
  • BOM analytics
  • Warehouse worker compensation
  • Service orders
  • Workload analysis
  • Brigade work

Outbound & inbound logistics

  • On-time delivery management
  • Carrier performance tracking
  • Carrier costs tracking
  • Completion times optimization

Purchasing management

  • Requisition analysis
  • Purchase order completion
  • Change orders
  • Receipts
  • Returns

Invoice management

  • Tying AP/AR invoices with POs and SOs
  • Creditor analytics
  • Cost of frozen cash
  • Invoice factoring and financing

Supplier/customer relationships

  • Rebates
  • Sales targets & credits
  • Credit limits

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