A typical banking industry BI solution, developed by Scandic Fusion, not only provides data marts and interactive dashboards for strategic and operational decision making, but also serves as an integration platform for information exchange with various financial market regulatory bodies.

The wide range of needs are covered by incorporating data from multiple countries and systems - Core Banking (e.g. T24), Payment processing (e.g. Cortex), Leasing, Factoring, Asset management and HR to name a few. Various sources also require efficient DWH architecture tailored for large data volume handling.

Data marts

The data marts required by our customers fully cover the core banking elements such as:

  • Loan portfolio performance
  • Profitability through fund transfer pricing
  • Quality
  • Yields
  • New lending
  • New business
  • Financial instrument portfolio
  • Fund performance
  • Payment card in-depth transaction
  • Profitability analysis

statutory reporting

A modern banking customer needs to pursue a BI platform that fulfill its own analytical needs on a near real time basis and also is capable of serving third parties. We possess extensive experience in:

  • Building data structures and reporting applications for reviewing data sets before sending
  • Corrections
  • Validation rule checks and dynamic XML message generation to serve AML
  • AnaCredit (adaptations to multiple Central Banks, both periodic and general messages)
  • Account register
  • Other regulatory reporting needs


A BI development project for a customer from banking industry is typically bundled together with several cross company solutions – a few of the most common are:

  • Management accounting analysis (including transfer pricing and overhead allocation)
  • Marketing and sales performance analysis (including trends on upgrading or downgrading from existing products)
  • Advanced analytics/machine learning (next best product offer, customer segmentation and scoring, fraud detection)


Interactive dashboards are intuitive, easy to understand and can be utilized by a wide range of employees, starting from business analysts up to the board members of the company. They are best used to present data and ensure support of information based decisions for various business functions, including those responsible for

  • Sales
  • Payment cards
  • Credit risk management
  • Deposits and financial instruments
  • Business controllers
  • Accountants
  • General management and others

Strategic decision

The solution that we typically offer to our clients does not aim to fulfill only pure operational or statutory reporting. Instead, it enables strategic decision making. Customers use our solutions for building interactive dashboards that can be presented both internally as well as outside of the company. This type of BI implementation scenario is what we strive for and where we believe the greatest value from our work is added.

Relevant areas of analysis

Core elements

  • Cards
  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Payments
  • Account balances
  • Loans
  • Deposits
  • Financial securities

Sales performance

  • Sales person/department performance by product and customers
  • Promotion and motivation management
  • Income from fees, commissions and interest
  • Sales planning and follow-up

Financial and regulatory reporting

  • AnaCredit
  • AML
  • Tax Authority

Customer portfolio

  • Customer portfolio over time (new/active/lost)
  • Onboarding and digital channel analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product penetration and next best offer
  • Customer profitability

Product-specific analysis

  • Deposit portfolio
  • Loan portfolio
  • Investment portfolio
  • Payment cards
  • Cash operations
  • Fund transfer pricing and profitability

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