Scandic Fusion has a long-standing and deep energy industry analytics know-how across the whole supply chain - production, transmission, distribution, wholesale and retail in electricity and gas businesses.

Areas of Analytics

On the manufacturing and powerplant operation side of things Scandic Fusion can provide analytics solutions and know-how on powerplant operations planning and performance monitoring. This is often supplemented by predictive models, helping to forecast actual energy demand based on external factors (weather, calendar effects, etc.) and seasonality.

For transmission business the key data marts are centered around capacity planning, capacity reservation and associated load balancing.

For energy distribution analytics, Scandic Fusion has a comprehensive know-how of geospatial analysis to provide insight into the network element structures, parameters and different event (outage, maintenance) impact on the distribution network. We have also developed predictive models for non-technical energy loss(theft, misconfiguration, defects) detection in the network.

Asset analytics

A common theme across manufacturing, transmission, and distribution businesses is asset investment planning, asset construction project execution, and asset maintenance. Scandic Fusion provides analytics in all these areas, starting from investment project planning down to project cost analysis, capitalization, and asset financial and technical analysis over their lifetime. Machine learning models also help with predictive asset maintenance.

Business understanding

The energy retail business is all about knowing your customer, so our customer portfolio, 360,and profitability analysis solutions are an excellent fit. Supplemented with churn prediction and cross-sell/up-sell, machine learning models help to get the most out of the customer relationship. For revenue assurance and debt collection, we also provide know-how and data marts for billing and usage analytics, as well as predictive models for tailored and more efficient debt collection.

The energy industry is also very data intensive in terms of data volumes (meter readings, sensors)and data variety (different market messaging); therefore, Scandic Fusion's long-standing experience in handling high data volumes in both - traditional data analytics platforms and modern big data and streaming platforms - is important in the energy sector.

Relevant areas of analysis


  • Powerplant operations planning and monitoring
  • Power and heat demand predictions


  • Load balancing
  • Capacity planning and reservations
  • Network construction projects
  • Asset maintenance analytics and predictive analytics


  • Network analysis (GIS)
  • Network construction projects
  • Asset maintenance analytics and predictive analytics
  • Fraud detection


  • Demand prediction
  • Market price modelling
  • Customer360 analysis, incl. billing, usage, energy efficiency
  • Churn prediction
  • Debt collection

Relevant cross company solutions

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